Social Media Marketing is more significant now than ever!

Every business owner wants to increase sales and traffic to their website and if done right Social Media will do this and a whole lot more!


Since the whole Social Media scene has taken the world by storm it’s made life for marketers a whole lot easier with a hugely powerful tool right at our finger tips. A post can literally be all over the world in seconds.

Many people use Social Media for different reasons, and we still get asked frequently by businesses if it’s actually worth their time and money. Exclamation Marketing offer social media management as a service to customers for a variety of reasons, but primarily to increase brand awareness, to engage with customers and to generate new leads.

Every business owner wants to increase sales and traffic to their website and if done right Social Media will do this and a whole lot more!

The first thing we always ask our clients is what they want to achieve – whether it’s more traffic to their website, increase room nights or improve student application numbers – we can then work out a plan, ensuring there is a consistent look and tone that will give a true reflection of their business across all platforms, and then we put together a strategy with examples of content that we design and schedule with perfect timing and ideal frequency, but most importantly we track and review everything.

The graphs below show stats for one our clients twitter platforms –  the 3 months prior to our involvement and then you can see the difference over the next 3 months with our efforts! A whopping increase of over 900%! Their primary goal was to increase website traffic which has been achieved -the click throughs from social media has soared, increasing traffic by over 300%!


Business Owners used to be solely interested in Search engine optimisation (SEO) and how they could be top of google rankings, but now even Social Networks are becoming search engines – your effort on social media is more significant now than ever, you can’t do one and not the other without compromising your results.

One of the reasons social media is important is because of target marketing with Facebook ads. For example – you can target users by where they live, where they work and even the pages they’ve liked and their last purchase. Something else that we have been involved with lately is installing Facebook pixel on websites and then using it to retarget the users who visited you last — these people are far more likely to convert into solid leads and sales!

So in a nutshell we are providing value to our customers target audiences, whilst also demonstrating that the business is professional but at the same time is fun and has personality!

If you want to increase your website traffic and bottom line, you’re going to have to be smarter, more focused and highly visible across all platforms to outshine your competition, whilst still offering superior products and customer service. Isn’t that what business is all about, anyway?

Any business owner knows that it’s important to move with the times and keep yourself updated with the latest trends – Get in touch if you want advice with a fresh, creative approach and let us show you how it’s possible to transform your business with social media marketing!

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