How to stand out on Instagram

Here’s our advice on how to Stand Out on Instagram

With a lot of brands and businesses realising the benefits of Instagram and trying their best to stand out it can be hard for you to get noticed!

However, with some simple tricks and profile optimisation, this will help you…

Your Profile

Although it may sound obvious, making sure you’ve filled out every aspect of your Instagram profile should be the first thing you do. Make sure your company description is up to date, relevant and if you can be quirky – that will help too! Most importantly put a link to your website here – this is the only place you can have a link on Instagram so make the most of it.

Include some relevant hashtags in your bio that people can use when posting pictures of your products or of them using your service. We live in a world where people want answers ‘now’, and they will make quick decisions about your business as soon as they land on your profile. So make every word in your bio count – ensure you get across what your business does within the first few words.


Instagram is all about the Images – Ensure that every image you post is of high quality, interesting and relevant. There’s no point posting a blurry picture of a television, when you’re a Gin brand, unless of course, it’s relevant – but even then it shouldn’t be blurred! Try to incorporate your branding colours and use 9 images (grid) to make a puzzle – Get Creative! some images with low saturation and block colours seem to do well.

Check out –

Tag businesses you’re associated with,(or relevant to the image you’re posting) the brands you use and the people in the photos. Tagging gets you noticed and very likely, the person tagged will interact with the post too, generating even more engagement and reach.

Be Sociable

Make sure you are replying to every comment on your Instagram post (apart from spam!) as each one is an opportunity to gain a customer or attract someone else that may be interested in your products or services.

You should also be commenting and liking other people’s posts too, especially if they could become a brand ambassador or influencer for your business. Make sure you follow relevant people in the industry that you can interact with, as well as companies you work with too.


Hashtags are the only way to search on Instagram. This means if you want to be found you are going to have to use Hashtags.  However, make sure all your hashtags are relevant and consistent. Try to keep to the same set but include new hashtags that are applicable to the new post. This is also your opportunity to create your own hashtag which can be a great branding tool. You can encourage others to use your hashtag to be featured on your page. 

Your Story

Use the Instagram’s Stories feature to your business’s advantages by adding to your Story every time you post something new on your feed. For example, if you’ve just uploaded a new picture, tell the world by adding a screenshot of the image with the words ‘New Post Alert’ plastered all over it. Also, go Live when you can to show your followers how your business works, if you’ve got a new product or if you have news to share!

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