Finding the right tone for your brand…

We specialise in Social Media Management and it’s quite a skill changing up our language and adapting our tone for each client. We are also frequently asked for advice and help with implementing strategies which is then carried out by our clients In-house. Our advice is always that a business is shaped by the people who work there. It’s about their passions, dislikes, their sense of humour (or lack of), and the things they want to share. It is the uniqueness of the people that turns a business into a brand. A company communicates this brand with a specific ‘tone’ to its customers by the way it behaves. But more importantly, it is how the company communicates (especially online) that tells potential customers what the business is about.

Finding your voice

Your tone of voice is an essential aspect of communicating your company’s personality. But for many, your tone of voice probably isn’t even considered. It’s normally an after-thought. The way a company presents itself is usually made up of staff writing in different ways on different platforms, with individual personalities defining how that company sounds. This could have a catastrophic effect on the type of brand message you wish to portray.

This is a huge problem for many businesses who have different staff members responsible for lots of social media platforms and blogs – Establishing the right ‘distinctive’ tone and personality can help to differentiate a company from its competitors and build a brand that customers trust and understand.

Developing your ‘tone’

A brand’s tone is not just the type of language you use, but the length of your sentences, the way the language flows, the humour, and even the rhythm and pace. Consistency is the key to developing a believable brand. 

Everything should be written in the same unique and relevant way, from tweets and Facebook posts to website content and even product packaging. Brand tone must be consistent across all channels so that blogs and press releases, customer emails, social media posts are written in the same way. This all helps to reinforce the message and makes the brand become instantly recognisable.

The right tone can boost your content marketing…

By producing great content frequently with social media and blogs you’re not only improving the user’s experience but you are making Google happy and at the same time boosting your website Search Engine Optimisation rankings. Taking the time to create and maintain a unique ‘brand’ voice will ensure you stand out from your competition and you will start to build trust with your audience .

We all like familiarity… we trust the things we know and automatically feel more at ease – the consistent use of language works in the same way. Once you have gained trust it is much easier for potential customers to make a purchasing decision. By staying true to your brand and maintaining the tone throughout all communications then you’re on the way to securing more sales.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about how to work on your tone of voice and develop your brand’s online style.

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