8 tasks you can outsource to us today!

Why outsource?

Choosing to outsource work will allow business owners to continue to focus on core business processes.

Small Business Owners spend around 33 hours a week on marketing – it’s evident that outsourcing is an advantageous decision. A majority of companies are realising the benefits and are outsourcing for a variety of reasons. The reasons may vary from company to company, but the benefits are obvious. Some of the leading companies world wide are now outsourcing and it has become a fundamental element in their daily business strategy.

Outsource areas of the business to someone with expertise in the respective areas who can also provide experience in handling the business needs with a suitable skill set – this in turn will save you investing money in recruitment and training, and will free your time to enable you to focus on building your brand, and developing more value added services whilst providing the best customer experience. For a small business the daily activities and challenges make it very difficult to grow – outsourcing allows you to expand on the activities, freeing up your time for development without incurring too much cost.

The most obvious and visible benefit is that you can get jobs done at a lower cost and a far higher quality!

What to outsource?


Need some statistics for a presentation or some figures for a client document? Launching a new Product Or maybe you need some research on your competitors or market research about your customers? If you don’t have time to do the research then outsource – it’s a no brainer.

Databases & Spreadsheets

Most companies fail to recognise that a database is in actual fact one of their most important assets. There are some effective ways to build your subscriber list and they are an extremely valuable audience. Outsource setting up your databases with the correct software in order to send out monthly newsletters, campaigns or special offers to your customers.


It’s so easy to fall into the trap of wasting lots of time trying to come up with content to send in emails to your subscribers. Newsletters are the best way to stay fresh in your customers minds and business owners frequently struggle to find the time and the resources to put together quality newsletters every time. Writing an effective newsletter is difficult for a business whose speciality isn’t creating content – it’s simple, outsource so that your audience receive regular contact that gives a true reflection of your brand.


Blogs are an important part of any marketing strategy and a great way to generate traffic for your website. It’s also a great way to show case studies and demonstrations of your work or services and to position you as a leader in your field. It’s definitely worth spending the time to get your blogs looking good and even more worth while to outsource to someone who does have the time to get them right!

Social Media Management

I still get asked “Why do I need Social Media for my business?” In lots of ways Social Media is more important today than a website. It’s a fantastic way of being able to communicate with your customers and reach out to new ones!  Everyone is on Social Media and if your business is not then you’re missing out! Outsourcing your company’s social media marketing is an investment in your business.  You can’t afford not to do it right. It does take a lot of time getting the right content, campaigns, strategy and consistency across all platforms, but it is so much cheaper to outsource than to hire someone ‘In-house’. Your competition will be there can you afford not to be?

Website Content

There is nothing worse and more off putting than landing on a website that is out of date and has last years prices or even links that don’t work! Similarly ‘clutter’ is a nightmare too – Clean, Fresh sites that are user friendly so that potential customers find what they are looking for with minimal effort are the most effective. It’s important to have the latest information on your site with up to date product images, pricing information etc. Effective updates strengthen your message and also search engines love frequently updated content such as blogs – It’s worth outsourcing in order to get engaging, fun content with keywords and tag lines that deliver a clear value proposition and include an effective call to action. The content should target your audience, engage them and persuade them to take action.


Business Reports are an essential part of any planning process. All reports hold very important information such as – data from client reviews,  customer or competitor research, market research and also analytical reports so that your marketing and social media efforts don’t go to waste. Having the report results analysed will show what is working and what isn’t, how customers are finding you and your products, what customers expect and desire. It will show what your audience is looking for and open up ways to grow your business.

Sales Calls

Emails don’t get across personality or the passion that goes into your products or services. Whether it’s calling to follow up with customers after a sale, to find suitable companies to stock your products or to find out if that particular business requires services that you provide – It’s important to make the contact and if you don’t have the time it’s crucial to outsource to an individual who understands your business and the services / products in order to relay the passion and key features with a sole focus in qualifying leads and getting results.

One of the most invaluable benefits of outsourcing your marketing & Social media efforts is the fresh perspective offered by a team that isn’t in-house. It’s not unusual for business owners to be so involved in the business they can’t see it objectively. An outsider’s perspective can improve and strengthen key areas of your business immensely.

Let’s get started, what are you waiting for?! Contact Us, Phone 07818021462  or Email:  info@exclamationmarketing.co.uk

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