5 Top Tips for creating a video for your business

Instead of promoting your company or trying to sell your products / services I bet as a small business you spend a lot of time trying to find engaging content that can create interaction and entertain audiences.  Lots of companies are becoming good storytellers, and video is a great storytelling tool…..

Here are 5 Top Tips to creating an effective video for your business –

  1. Make a Plan – Once you’ve decided the goal of the video you need to consider how you are going to put it together, what material you will need and who you will need to help…..                                                               Your plan should include:
    • Why you want to make a video?
    • What you want to achieve from it?
    • Who you want to Reach?
    • What your business does that is different to competitors / (USP – Unique selling points)?
    • Your key message(s) to get through to your audience.
    • What you want your audience to take from the video?
    • Where you are going to use the video? Ensure video is suitable for all media platforms and devices – especially mobiles and Tablets.
    • SEO – think about keywords and tags to use, to enhance search of your video.
    • Include a ‘call to action’ in your video – to generate further engagement.
    • Ensure the video has your branding included.
    • Use your employees / customers – not actors, you want it to look real and something the audience can relate to.
    • If possible gain a client testimonial – speaking about why they use you.
    • Gain good close-up imagery.
    • Time period – keep your video to a maximum of 90 seconds
  2. Find stories that Entertain and will create Interaction and Engagement – There are lots of ways you can use content to put together videos, it just takes a bit of imagination and thought. Client Testimonials is a great way to get your message across. You could also use Employees who are confident speakers and represent your company well. Find ways to connect your skills to day to day problems or topics, You could provide a ‘Top tip’ or demonstration relevant to your business. Also -Think about how you can turn your experience into interesting content through video.
  3. Don’t Bore! – If you are preparing for a specific presentation, conference, webinar, seminar or trade fair then a corporate video that is 3 – 4 minutes long is acceptable as you have a captive audience in a controlled environment, however, if you are creating a video to attract potential customers then you need to provide an insight to your business or a showcase of your products or services and you want to reach as much of your audience as possible – using a platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, email marketing, or your website and the video should be no more than 90 seconds and really 60 seconds is the optimum time.
  4. Shout about it! – So you’ve made your video and now you need to launch it effectively – You Tube is a great place to host your video – it’s not only the most popular video hosting site, but it is also the second most popular search engine after Google! You have to be careful not to spam and annoy people but Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, website, and email lists are all great ways to share your videos.
  5. Call to action – Most importantly don’t forget to add a call to action on the end-screen of your corporate video.  Make sure you include your website details – this can be a simple url, a link or even an instruction for ‘finding out more’.  It can also be a good opportunity to use your logo, or other brand guidelines as graphics.

Video can have a great impact and it is definitely something you should be investing time and money in as a business. Last year, Facebook more than doubled its daily video views to 8 billion, reportedly overtaking YouTube, they are currently looking at introducing a dedicated video feed. Twitter launched native video of its own in 2015, while Snapchat now reports 6 billion daily video views.  The stats for videos are going to keep increasing throughout 2016 with 70% of companies now saying video is the most effective tool in their online marketing strategy. Is it included in your marketing strategy?

Ideas for videos – “Why I love my job”, “Day in the life of”, “Award Winner”, “Company Story”, “Before and After Project”, “Step-by-step Demonstration”, “How to” and “Testimonials – what the customers have to say”.

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